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DSL | Mother Lode Internet


Mother Lode Internet offers you High Speed access with DSL

With Mother Lode Internet DSL, you can download files up to 50 times faster than a phone-based modem connection.  Web pages load in a snap.  You’ll enjoy dynamic audio and enhanced video, so that your music and video come alive.  Online games are fast and fun, and you can download software faster than ever*.

Always-on connection

Your DSL connection is on as long as your computer is on. There’s no dialing, no waiting for connections, and no busy signals–ever! You’ll get so much more out of the Internet when you know it’s always there for you.

Surf and talk on the phone at the same time

With Mother Lode Internet DSL, you can make or receive calls while you’re on the Internet. You’ll never miss another call because you were online. And there’s no need to pay for an additional phone line.

Our customer support team is a highly trained, dedicated DSL group who will answer your questions and concerns.


Mother Lode Internet DSL is all about speed, and now you can get DSL access faster than ever! Mother Lode Internet provides a DSL Self-Installation Kit which is VERY simple to put together.  There are no CDs or software to install, and you won’t have to take a day off from work to wait for a technician to visit your home.  If the color-coated cables are plugged in, and your service is ‘live’, you’re already online!

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Your Mother Lode Internet DSL service includes:

  • Unlimited DSL Internet access
  • Downstream speed of up to 6.0 Mb**
  • Upstream speed of up to 512 Kb**
  • Static IP addressing available

*Subject to availability based on local telephone company’s coverage area.
**Varies depending on your location.

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